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"If you don't want to be worrying about driving back home while enjoying your drinks on a night out, relying on Home Safe is the best thing to do when your a woman who just wants to get out and enjoy herself yet be tied down by others because she can't drive back alone in an unsafe city like Delhi."

-Neha Nayyar, 22


"Home Safe is not only convenient, but also economical. My initial worry was the safety and how the driver would handle my car, but I must say I was totally convinced."

-Radhika Sawhney, 22


"Home Safe is exactly the kind of service required in a city like Delhi. The drivers are extremely efficient and very polite. They are punctual and abide by all traffic laws.  Apart from this, the drivers treat your car well and are well educated about different vehicles. I highly recommend this service to all out there and am glad that people will now be getting Home Safe."

-Jaiveer Dugal, 23


"Home Safe provides an excellent solution to our late night driving problems. With professionally trained chauffeurs who are polite and dependable, I can now enjoy my parties without worrying about how I will get back home after a couple of drinks. The Home Safe chauffeur who drove me back home adhered to the traffic laws and had a good sense of direction."

-Neha Agarwal, 23


"The English speaking chauffeurs, as per my requirement, lived up to my expectations. Thorough professionals, well spoken and well mannered chauffeurs were what I required and just what was delivered to me. Hiring chauffeurs from Home Safe on 3 different occasions for long duration was overall a very satisfying experience."

-Tom Kristian Larsen


"The chauffeur services by Home Safe are very prompt and the drivers are quite courteous, dapper and mainly very responsible and delicate in handling your cars. I am sure that they would soon develop their day time driver service replacement service into a more robust revenue model in terms of economy vis-a-vis regular car rental rates."

-Niranjan Sarkar


"A very timely and intelligent initiative. Great service, decently priced and very professional. Cheers and get home safe!"



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